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Body massage brush


BODY MASSAGE BRUSH made with natural agave bristles is perfect for dry skin brushing of your body. Use for natural skin exfoliation or stimulating skin microcirculation.

Key product features:
– for dry and wet application,
– natural Tampico vegetable bristles,
– handle made of eco-friendly beech wood, FSC ® certified.

Benefits of brushing:
– diminished appearance of cellulite and stretch marks,
– increased circulation of your skin, stimulated lymphatic system,
– toned skin and quicker regeneration.

Tampico bristles are hard to the touch. For a softer brush, simply wet the skin as well as the brush bristles (keep the handle dry).

Note: do not brush areas with spider veins and varicose veins. Brushing irritated or eczema skin is not recommended. If in doubt, talk to your doctor.

How to use: for dry brushing – use a dry brush on dry skin. For wet brushing, wet your body and brush bristles (keeping the handle dry). Start brushing the desired area and stroke towards your heart. Don’t exert pressure on the bristles, repeat a couple of times and move on to the next area. A full body massage should take a few minutes. Repeat the treatment daily or several times a week. After brushing moisturise your skin with the Advanced Anti-cellulite balm .

Dry brushing increases microcirculation of the skin, tones and evens out the skin’s appearance and speeds up the skin regeneration processes. It removes dead skin cells and helps reduce ingrown hairs. It prevents stretch marks, diminishes existing ones and fights cellulite.

Body brushing is also beneficial for your mind. The treatment is relaxing, your body responds by releasing endorphins and muscle tension is eliminated.

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Pregnancy skin care, Stretch marks




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