The creator of the brand – Edyta Wilk-Domalewska, along with her daughter, who was the first to be cared for with early prototypes of eeny meeny cosmetics.

Edyta is a chemist, cosmetologist and quality manager by profession.
She has been working as a technologist for over a dozen years and creates recipes for modern natural cosmetics. Since 2010 runs her own company – N Cosmetics – creating recipes and producing for dozens of brands.

eeny meeny is her first own brand, and in which she puts all her knowledge, passion and experience.

Secure skincare for the entire family

eeny meeny cosmetics were originally were created for women preparing for motherhood and their youngest children.

However, many other adults who have major skin problems (including atopic dermatitis, extremely sensitive skin) have begun to use our products. It shows up that eeny meeny solve their skin problems.

Even though the skin of the future mother and toddlers is different natural care cosmetics can be similar, even identical.

If we focus primarily on safeness and the absence of the use of allergens it may be also beneficial for people with very sensitive skin.

The eeny meeny brand currently has two lines:

  • ultrasensitive + mom & baby – cosmetics for people with very sensitive skin, intended for pregnant women, mothers and children from the first day of life, equally used by people with skin problems;
  • ultrasensitive + atopic – cosmetics for people with very sensitive skin and even affected by atopic dermatitis, as well as those who want to use cosmetics without allergens, to reduce the risk of allergies; they can be used by pregnant women, mothers or children, although they should not be used from the first day of life;

We attach particular importance to ensure that our cosmetics are safe and suitable for very sensitive skin and that the raw materials used in our cosmetics are as natural as possible (minimum 98.4% raw materials of natural origin, this percentage is not an empty marketing declaration, but is calculated by the international standard ISO 16128 ). That’s why you won’t find parabens, silicones, mineral oils, and synthetic dyes in our products. We do not use fragrance in non-washable products – their smell results directly from the raw materials, while in washable products (washing gel, shampoo, or body mist) we used low concentrations of the fragrance that does not contain potential allergens.

By choosing delicate but effective multi-task products, we receive a ready concept for economical and rational and safe skincare of the whole family. Due to the fact that we rely on both nature and modern technologies, make our products both a thoughtful and conscious choice.